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When American service members left the armed forces after the completion of WWII they were given a uniform device and lapel pin that reflected their honorable service. The device depicted an eagle inside a wreath. These devices took on the nickname of “Ruptured Duck” as they seemed to resemble a duck more than that of an eagle.

While interviewing a WWII veteran who served during the battle of Tarawa, I learned of the escapades of the men of the 2nd Marine Division who brought a duck ashore during the battle. The story goes that the duck fought alongside the Marines becoming involved in its own battle against a Japanese rooster. This duck would survive the battle and go on to drink beer with its owners during R&R.

For years after this interview, I was sure that the Veteran was simply messing with me. it was not until I came across the story of Sgt Siwash  that I realized he had been telling the truth. 

It is in honor of these veterans (including Sgt Siwash) that we came up with our logo, as a testament that no history should be forgotten. A special thanks to Forrest Lang for the design.

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