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Who We Are

Preserving the Stories was formed in 2008 to preserve the legacies of America's aging WWII Veterans. What began with just a 12-year-old with a pad of paper has become a nonprofit that has interviewed over 150 WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans on three continents. We attended the 75th anniversary of D-Day where we had the honor of speaking with dozens of survivors of the battle.

as an oral history project, we travel the country in order to speak with as many veterans as we can. when this program was started, we relied on a tape recorder and pens and paper. today we are able to use audio and visual equipment to ensure no piece of history is missed. We publish these interviews with the veterans' consent on our social media platforms so that their stories are available to all.

It has become our mission to give a platform to every veteran Willing to share their personal history before it is lost to time. 

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